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Linda continues to deliver on all of her promises since I came to the CBP team. She is very responsive to my needs and is a great resource for advice and leading the way. We have a great group of agents and everyone is very friendly and supportive of each other. And our support team is also very knowledgeable and on top of agents’ needs. – Mark Weller

I came to Coldwell Banker preferred to grow my business because they leave no stone unturned in helping their agents. It shouldn't be that different at one company than all the rest but it is. I like the education, the way Linda leads and is always there for the agents. For any agent that wants to change their business and truly make headway in getting to the next level, isn't afraid to put the work in, come see how Coldwell Banker help their agents be different! - Greg Eccleston

My success is because of Linda and her faith in my ability and seeing something in me that I didn't even know existed that . Linda is the reason for me wanting to push harder and achieve all that I can. Being affiliated with Coldwell Banker Preferred is an honor. At Coldwell Banker Preferred Haddonfield we are a family and Linda is the root of it. - Nor Borden


I wanted to thank you for the listing presentation opportunity today. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to be in a place in my career where my manager genuinely cares about my success. I have no doubt through your tireless efforts for all of us will achieve success. I sincerely thank you for your time, knowledge and feedback. I am thankful to be with you and your office. I am in such a great place with great people. I am in the most amazing place EVER in real estate sales! -Tara M. Bedford

I’ve had a lot of managers in my career, none of which have inspired me as much as Linda.  Love having her in my corner! - Mary Beth Oates 

The education and mentorship that is provided by Coldwell Banker Preferred and Linda is priceless. Boot Camp alone is incredible but the continuous training provided by Linda on a weekly basis keeps me polished and motivated. I was recently in a multiple offer situation and because I knew how to best present my client, my offer was chosen even though it was not the highest. I could not have made a better decision then to join Linda's team. - Pat Chance

When Linda first approached me about starting a real estate career I was very hesitant but the driving factor that gave me the courage and faith to move forward was Linda. As I got to know her I found her in every way to be forthright, knowledgeable and truly caring as an individual. She is always there as a sounding board and a calming voice of reason as I head into uncharted territory. Linda believes in Coldwell Banker Preferred. She believes that there should be a higher standard across the board in the real estate industry. She sets high expectations for her team because she believes in their individual abilities whole-heartedly. She is a goal setter for herself and she continually finds new ways of motivating us and keeping us on track.  As a new agent I have far surpassed my original goals in my first year. I’ve been overwhelmed by the Haddonfield team and the support from all of the agents. We truly help, encourage and back each other up. This mentality starts with Linda and is contagious throughout our branch. - Beth Borchers

When you're starting a new career it can be an intimidating process. It's so important to know that you have someone there to share professional insights and advice, as well as professional encouragement. Linda Dickinson is that and more. In short, I can always count on Linda to have my back as I face new challenges. No matter the question, no matter the problem, Linda's open door and inviting smile have shown me that she is not only a great manager, but a true and caring friend. - Michelle Crosbie


About Linda Dickinson...

I love what I do. I seek talented individuals and support them in building successful businesses in real estate. I find the beauty of our profession is that you can attain success when you fully engage in your own personal growth while helping others meet their real estate goals. When you do this, the financial rewards follow.

Having worked 10 years in real estate sales prior to leadership, I know what it means to live on commission and pay a mortgage. I bring that experience and knowledge to my team. Part of my approach is Mentorship and Mastermind sessions with my team. When combined with selectivity, the result is a highly collaborative environment that supports individual growth and that of the team.

I don’t do it alone. I take pride in our support team within the office to help agents maximize the vast tools and technology. We truly have the dream team in Haddonfield.

Leadership in real estate should not compete with independent agents but should seek and develop talent. Our model is simple – be selective in choosing real estate partners, offer proven education and mentoring, make available the most advanced technology, the best marketing resources money can buy, operate with the highest ethical standards, and lead with skill that only experience brings. The results speak for themselves - fewer agents producing more sales.

If you are craving leadership, personal growth and a collaborative environment, or just starting out, call me. Let’s see if we can help each other. I am a passionate leader offering my talent and expertise to the next generation of successful independent real estate sales professionals – maybe you are one of them.

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